Banking and Finance

Our aim is to provide our clients with high quality services in the banking and finance sector, whether in the field of traditional commercial banking and lending or in relation to more contemporary arrangements and innovative products as well as in terms of structuring of investments.

At the same time, we stay attuned to the rapidly changing market conditions and developments. Our deep understanding of market dynamics coupled with our experience enable us to provide value enhancing services.

The firm has represented a number of banking and financial institutions established both in Cyprus and abroad in litigation cases and has advised on numerous occasions on domestic and cross-border loan and security transactions.

When advising on a project, we take a hands-on approach. We work closely with clients to provide them with custom-tailored lending or financing solutions that best meet their needs and requirements. Our services include advice and preparation of loan and credit facility agreements, syndicated, subordinated and mezzanine financing documentation and related securities documentation such as charges over assets and undertakings, pledges, floating charges, financial collaterals, assignments etc., indemnities and guarantees, advice and preparation of documentation for refinancing arrangements and credit restructurings, structuring of corporate finance arrangements, project financing and asset and property financing, conditional sales and hire purchase facilities, compliance with perfection requirements and registration of charges, performance of legal due diligence and preparation of legal opinions relevant to such transactions. Moreover, we have experience in trade financing including preparation of letters of credit, performance bonds and related documentation. Our services cover the whole range of issues relevant to lending and finance, including the implementation of our suggested solutions.

The firm has been consulted on banking regulatory and compliance matters, master agreements such as ISDA agreements, the European Master Agreement on Financial Transactions and agreements of the Loan Markets Association and related products, fiduciary deposits, custodian accounts, the deposit guarantee and resolution of credit and other institutions scheme.

Furthermore, our litigators have long experience in dealing with debt collection and security enforcement procedures.